Six Guaranteed Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss isn't a simple process to go through. Obviously, it will take time and require tiresome efforts. However, identifying appropriate, suitable methods is far more difficult than that, because achieving weight loss goals mostly depends on the healthy food habits and lifestyle choices.

If you had countless failed attempts to reach your weight loss goals, I believe that is the one important reason behind your failures.

1. Calculate how much weight you need to lose

Take a BMI (Body Mass Index) test, and calculate your preferred weight against your height. Now, set some realistic weight loss goals by which you can easily perform all the tasks from your level of interest and ability. Set a daily weight loss goal first, and then set some weekly goals.

2. Exercise regularly

picture of exercise

Nothing is more guaranteed for weight loss than regular exercise. You need to know that the harder your body works, the faster you burn calories. As irregularity is the major obstacle for regular exercise, slow and steady steps are the best policy to continue regular exercise. You can simply start your exercise with 20-40 minutes of fast walking or jogging, and it will help you to drop pounds quickly. However, you need to improve your exercise performance day by day, and you also need to add other exercises, like yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises in your regular workout. In addition, you need to know that weight loss exercise mixed with cardio is the best way to lose weight fast.

Exercise induced stresses, pain or injuries are another big obstacle for continuing regular exercise. As a result, it is necessary for you to know about the proper ways of exercise to avoid injuries.
learn more about How to Strengthen your Body to Prevent Injuries.

3. Time management

Time management is a very crucial issue in your weight loss plan, because this is often ignored by most of the dieters. Decide the appropriate time for your exercise in which you will be relaxed from any other workloads. You must make sure that you are comfortable with your regular diet and exercise, and nothing is driving you back in your scheduled time. Before making a time schedule, you need to keep in mind that this time management may change your lifestyle as well as your relationship with others.

4. Drink sufficient amount of water

picture of pure drinking water
Drinking sufficient amount water per day could reduce your misinterpret hunger or cravings. Water helps you to stay hydrated, and hydrated state aids you to burn more calories than you consume. You need to know that a healthy body needs only 2 liters of water a day. Sufficient amount of water intake per day can also aid you to digest food properly, spread nutrient throughout your body, eliminate toxins, and clean internal waste.

5. Change your food habits

The food habit change is another important step for weight loss, and if you are successful in changing your food habits, then it’s guaranteed that you will lose weight. You need to change your food habits with nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and low fat or nonfat grains, because these foods contain low calories with less fats. However, you must avoid all the junk foods and beverages, because those may be the reason for your excess weight. For adopting new food style, you can follow the following tips:

• Always keep your flat/house well stocked with vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy meats, cereals, and spices, because it will help you to avoid unhealthy foods.
• Enjoy healthy home cooked meals.
• Try a raw food diet.
• Drink Chinese green tea or red tea on a daily basis.
• Divide your regular calorie intake into 5-6 meals.
• Alter your snacking habits with fruit blends or vegetable juices.

Read my post Chinese Tea for Weight Loss to know more about the connection between Chinese tea and weight loss.

6. Track your progress

Tracking your own progress is the guaranteed practice that will help you to stick with your weight loss goals. You need to keep a diary or journal for tracking your progress, in which you record your daily weight, foods you eat and any exercise you do, and with this journal, you can keep yourself motivated to your goals. You can also easily track your outcome goals from this journal.

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