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Is an Aspirin a Day Beneficial for Heart Attacks?

A heart attack does not start and end within minutes. It is rather an ongoing event in which a segment of your heart muscle starts to die because of the loss of blood supply. The damage to your heart and body may be minimized by taking proper steps as soon as the warning signs appear.

An aspirin a day can help prevent heart attack and stroke. But during a heart attack, don't start aspirin on your own. Calling 911 for help is the first thing you should immediately do. If the 911 operator recommends taking an aspirin, then you can take it.
How Does a Heart Attack Occur?A heart attack generally occurs when the oxygen-rich blood from arteries or vessels is blocked to flow through the heart muscle. Most heart attacks happen due to a pre-existing coronary heart disease.

A heart disease doesn't develop in a day. It actually develops overtime with the narrowing of blood vessels of the heart. This process of narrowing is caused by a buildup of plaque ― cholesterol, fat, white blood c…

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