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Myths and Facts You Need to Know about Herbal Remedies

Many devotees of herbs often have a common misconception that herbal remedies are safe and don't cause any side effects. But the truth is they carry as same health risks as the modern medicine and can cause considerable harm.

In fact, the pitfalls of using herbal remedies are many and there are a lot of myths to beware of! So if you wish to try alternatives to modern medicines, it’s important that you know all the facts.

Accordingly, in this article, I want to discuss some of the common misconceptions about herbal medicines.
Herbal medicines are natural so can’t be harmful.Well, it’s true they’re from nature, but that doesn't simply mean they are all harmless and safe. All the fruits and vegetables we eat are obtained from nature, but does this mean they can’t cause troubles to our body. Of course, they certainly can! Even an onion can upset your stomach if you eat more of it.

Many of our modern drugs are derived from medicinal plants. If herbal medicine can’t cause any harm…

How to Find the Right Health Insurance for You

Choosing the right health insurance plan could be a huge challenge if you are self-employed or running your own small business. It's not that there is a lack of good insurance companies. Hundreds of insurance companies nowadays offer cost-effective, affordable plans; that's why, it has become an incredibly tough task to find the best deal.

So how may you find the right health plan that is cost-effective and covers all your needs? Let's find out!
1. Get Yourself Familiarize with The Basic Terms of a Health PlanIf you already have a good understanding about health insurance, you may skip this section. But I think it's always a good approach to reread and try memorizing the common terms before moving forward.

What is a Health Insurance?Health insurance is usually an agreement or a somewhat well documented contract between you and the insurer. Within this contract, the insurer will be circumscribed to share a portion of your medical expenses when you get injured or sick and…

Symptoms and Treatments of Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath

Tonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths or tonsilar calculi, are accumulations of calcified material in the back of your throat. They are generally made up of a mixture of bacteria, calcium and old food and a combination of different kinds of sulfurs. They cause a person to have halitosis (bad breath) and can even result in pain or swelling in the back of the throat if they're really big or if there are many of them.

There is no definitive evidence as to what causes tonsil stones. However, these small calcified stones that are produced and stored in the folds of the tonsils appear to be a problem for many people. Often, those that deal with symptoms of tonsil stones wonder for years what is wrong with them and why they are coughing up on occasion. And if there is such a thing as tonsil stones, then why the small particles smell so awful.

If you have been wondering about small particles coming out of the back of your throat, here are some ways to tell if they are tonsil stones…

How to Recognize, Prevent, and Treat the Pain that is Carpal Tunnel

In this age of endless keyboards, buttons and touchpads, the pain and inconvenience of carpal tunnel syndrome has become an increasingly widespread problem. Recognizing it for what it is and making the effort to address the problem is more than most people do, which keeps them in pain longer, and once the pain finally goes away most people don’t bother figuring out how to keep it from coming back. You can be different by finding out how to recognize, treat, and prevent the pain that is carpal tunnel below.
Carpal Tunnel vs. Other Wrist and Upper Arm Injuries
Description: Transverse section at the wrist (Gray's anatomy diagram).
It’s important to determine whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or some other injury, so that you don’t try to cure the pain with carpal tunnel exercises that can hurt your wrists rather than helping them if carpal tunnel isn’t the real problem. Other potential problems your wrist pain could be caused by include:
Muscle, Ligament or Tendon Injuries – Inju…

Seven Surprising Benefits of Exercise in Young People

When adults exercise, their routine is generally regimented. They work out in the gym with various equipment. Younger people on the other hand have a different take on exercise. For them it means being physically active through playing. They can play tag, ride bikes, play soccer, and join a dance or gym class. When encouraged to be active and enjoy the outdoors, children build endurance, flexibility and strength.

Parents are now told to monitor the body mass index or height to weight ratio of their children because of the growing threat of childhood obesity among children ages 6 to 19. Physical activity will help children lose weight or from becoming obese, as well as start them with healthy habits. Doctors and fitness experts have touted the many benefits that exercising gives to younger people. Here are some of them.
1. Keep weight downWalking 4 miles each day for 4x a week will burn 1,600 calories or 1/2 pound each week. Without a diet change, walking the same distance for 6 month…

Smoking: Why and How to Quit Before Plastic Surgery

Are you one of the 1 in 5 Americans who smoke?

Cigarette smoke contains over 250 known toxins [1], but you’ve probably heard all of that before.

So let’s get right to the point: you might not want to quit smoking for good, but if you’re going to get plastic surgery, you’ll have to stop for several weeks beforehand and several weeks afterward. Experts recommend quitting smoking one month before the operation and waiting at least one month after the procedure before you begin to smoke again.

“Smoking around the time of surgery is linked to surgical complications including wound infection, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, prolonged hospital stay, sepsis, shock, and anastomotic leak,” according to the recent review by Dhruv Khullar, Steven Schroeder and John Maa [2].
And an anastomotic leak is even scarier than it sounds — it’s when a sewn-up connection between organs begins to leak fluids.

Despite the risks, 25-30% of people undergoing plastic surgery still smo…

How to Stop Snoring: Causes, Cures, and Remedies

Snoring is a common condition during sleep. If you snore sometimes, but it doesn't make a loud sound, then you don't need to worry because it's normal.

Studies suggest almost 45% of normal male adults and 30% of normal female adults are occasional snorers. You may be one of them if it happens infrequently. But snoring could be a serious cause for concern, if you are a frequent snorer and interrupt your partner's sleep.

Habitual or frequent snoring not just troubles the sleep pattern of others but also affects the quality and quantity of your sleep. It can lead to some serious health problems.

So, if you're here to learn how to stop snoring, read on. This in-depth article will guide you to explore the root causes of your snoring and the remedies that would best suit your needs.

≣ Table of Contents What Are the Root Causes of Snoring?Factors Causing Obstructed Airflow through Nose and MouthAre Other Risk Factors Playing a Part?Cures and Remedies to Stop SnoringCan L…

13 Best Superfoods that will Make You Amazingly Healthier

Even if you are not a diehard foodie, you have probably heard a thing or two about superfoods by now. Although the official definition of superfood is still lacking, the buzzword is mostly used to denote dietary ingredients with a high content of essential nutrients, including proteins, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

These nutrients not just nourish the body but also help prevent a range of diseases. The additional advantage is that they don't contain synthetic fats, food additives, and added sugars.

However, not all superfoods are equally beneficial for health. Certain superfoods are more healthier than others are.

We’ve compiled a list of 13 best superfoods that can amazingly boost your health and wellbeing. Check them out!

1. Acai

Native to Central and South American rainforests, acai berry touts higher antioxidant content than any other berry out there, and to human benefit, no less. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Agric…

Helpful Medications to Treat Allergy Symptoms

Allergic symptoms are your body’s reactions to something, such as food or drug, which causes little or no problem to most other people. So, because allergic sensitivity vary from person to person, there are many different types of medicine to treat allergies. A doctor or board certified allergist often makes the best suggestion about the most appropriate medicine to treat allergies.

The most common medications used to treat allergy symptoms are antihistamines and decongestants, which are often used in combination. However, sometimes multiple medications are used, depending on the patient’s symptoms. Following are some of the classes of medications that are often used to treat allergies.
AntihistaminesHistamine is a chemical the body releases during an allergic reaction, causing symptoms such as runny nose, swollen nasal passages, sneezing, running eyes and nasal stuffiness. Antihistamines cannot cure allergy symptoms, but they block the effect of histamine and provide relief from alle…

Everything You Need to Know about Botox

Over the past decades, Botox has been one of the most appreciated interventions in the beauty industry. It has been a popular aesthetic treatment, especially among the rich and famous. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Simon Cowell, and many others have used it to improve their appearance.

These days Botox has become a household name; no doubt, the celebrity factor has played a big part in this. However, despite everyone knowing what it is, most people have no idea about what is it made of and how it actually works. This is especially true of those considering the procedure for the first time.

The confusion in the prospective patients about the benefits and risks of Botox is not just because of the media hype, but also due to the glut of misinformation that can be found on the Internet.

The purpose of this article is, therefore, to provide evidence-based information on Botox ― and at the same time dispel some myths surrounding the procedure.

Table of Contents What is Botox and how do…