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Medical Writing Portfolio

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Welcome to my portfolio page. I started my freelance medical writing journey in 2011. Since then, I've done hundreds of projects with clients from all over the world. Every project I did has taught me something new. This has greatly helped me with the work I am doing today.

Scholarly Works to Date

Below, you'll find a mix of my own works and projects I've helped clients with. Every citation here is a piece of my passion. From clinical trials and literature reviews to case reports and others, each of them not only reflects what I can deliver to prospective clients but also my journey in the ever-evolving field of medical writing.

Whether you're from the research world, looking to team up, or just browsing, I'm glad you're here. Check out the publications that I believe have been milestones in my career.

My Own Publication 🎓

Literature Review

  • Gyer, G., Michael, J., Inklebarger, J., & Alam, I. I. (2022). Effects of biomechanical parameters of spinal manipulation: A critical literature review. Journal of Integrative Medicine, 20(1), 4-12. 📈 Received 7 citations. View Publication (↗)

Unpublished Work

  • Alam, I. I. (2020). Checklist for Publishing a Scientific Paper. Unpublished. Access Here (↗)

Client Work I've Contributed To ✍🏻

Clinical Trial

  • Zahid, T. M., & Khan, N. S. (2022). Myrrh and Chlorhexidine Mouthwashes Comparison for Plaque, Gingivitis and Inflammation Reduction: A 3-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial. Annals of Dental Specialty, 10(1), 39-46. 📈 Received 7 citations. View Publication (↗)
  • Zahid, T. M., & Nadershah, M. (2019). Effect of advanced platelet-rich fibrin on wound healing after third molar extraction: a split-mouth randomized double-blind study. J Contemp Dent Pract, 20(10), 1164-70. 🏆 Received 30 citations. View Publication (↗)

Pilot Clinical Trial

  • Zahed, T., & Alblwe, J. (2019). Anti-inflammatory and anti-plaque effects of commiphora myrrh mouthwash: A preliminary pilot clinical study. Open Dentistry Journal, 13(1), 1-5. 🏅 Received 12 citations. View Publication (↗)

Cross-Sectional Study

  • Al-Fadel, N., Mahmoud, M. A., Dabliz, R., Tabbara, O., & Aljadhey, H. (2016). Implementation of safety standards of compounded sterile preparations in hospital pharmacies: a multinational cross-sectional study. European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy: Science and Practice, 23(6), 339-342. View Publication (↗)
  • Alblowi, J. A., & Zahid, T. M. (2019). Periodontal services rendered by general dental practitioners in Saudi Arabia. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry, 53-60. 🏅 Received 11 citations. View Publication (↗)
  • Zahid T, Alyafi R, Bantan N, Alzahrani R, Elfirt E. (2020). Comparison of Effectiveness of Mobile App versus Conventional Educational Lectures on Oral Hygiene Knowledge and Behavior of High School Students in Saudi Arabia. Patient Preference and Adherence, 14, 1901-1909. 🏅 Received 16 citations. View Publication (↗)
  • Al-Dabbagh NN, Zahid TM. (2018). The impact of fatwas on patients' acceptance of enamel matrix derivatives for periodontal regeneration in Saudi Arabia. Patient Preference and Adherence, 12, 2405-2411. View Publication (↗)

Case Series

  • Zahid, T. M., & Natto, Z. S. (2023). Validity and Reliability of Polarized vs Non-Polarized Digital Images for Measuring Gingival Melanin Pigmentation. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry, 189-197. View Publication (↗)

Case Report

  • Zahid, T. M. (2023). Management of a Previously Failed Root Perforation Repair with Geristore and Deepithelialized Gingival Graft: A 5-Year Follow-Up Case Report. In M. B. D. Gavião (Ed.), Case Reports in Dentistry (Vol. 2023, pp. 1–8). Hindawi Limited. View Publication (↗)
  • Jabari, M., & Alshehri, H. (2016). Clinical relevance of hypothyroidism screening in a child with an unexplained elevated serum creatinine. Imam Journal of Applied Sciences, 1(1), 39-41. View Publication (↗)

Retrospective Review

  • Alghamdi, K., & Lysecki, D. (2023). Role of gabapentin in reducing the need for high-risk medications in patients with stable severe neurological impairment. Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences, 18(1), 170-174. View Publication (↗)

📚 Literature Review

  • Gyer, G., Michael, J., & Inklebarger, J. (2018). Occupational hand injuries: a current review of the prevalence and proposed prevention strategies for physical therapists and similar healthcare professionals. Journal of Integrative Medicine, 16(2), 84-89. 🏆 Received 42 citations. View Publication (↗)
  • Gyer, G., Michael, J., Inklebarger, J., & Tedla, J. S. (2019). Spinal manipulation therapy: Is it all about the brain? A current review of the neurophysiological effects of manipulation. Journal of Integrative Medicine, 17(5), 328-337. 🏆 Received 83 citations. View Publication (↗)
  • Jabari, M., & Alshehri, H. (2016). Clinical use of long-acting somatostatin analogue (octreotide) in patients with congenital hyperinsulinism – A review. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Allied Sciences, 5(1):238-247. View Publication (↗)

📊 Osteopathy in Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

📊 Cord Blood Acute Phase Reactants as Predictors for Early Onset Sepsis


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