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Medical-Reference.net is not a link firm. If you're here to get a link for your client, then I'm really sorry. I don't accept guest posts that are solely made for link building purpose! Please try somewhere else! Also, please don't irritate me with a keyword optimized ― anchor text ― link, I'll consider it as a spam!!
Medical-Reference.net is a medical blog focused on health, medical, pharmaceutical and regulatory topics. The whole idea behind this blog is to make inaccessible medical information more accessible to general public.

So if you're here for a guest post opportunity, your aim should be to research and debunk complex medical or scientific data and shearing those in a clear, concise way with your words.

Rules for Guest Posting

  • The content should be copyscape passed, non-spun and unique.
  • The content should be written with a friendly tone, but in a professional manner.
  • The content must disclose the sources, and must cite at least two or three journal sources.
  • The content should be grammatically correct.
  • The content should not be published on anywhere else if it is published in medical-reference.net (if it is found anywhere else, the post will be deleted).
  • The content writer will have only one backlink ― and that is from the author bio section.
  • The content should be at least 1000 words long.
  • The content must be SEO optimized.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do a keyword research before writing the content;
  • Mention the keyword in the .doc file;
  • Don't send non-informative, non-engaging and non-reader friendly articles;
  • Don't send promotional only content;
  • Proofread your article before sending;
  • Submit at least three high quality images having Creative Commons (CC) or Public Domain license;
  • Promote your own blog or site;
  • Don't link to products, services, drug or tobacco related website.

Quick Tips for Getting Your Content Published

"An article doesn't worth publishing if there is no search friendly keyword in it."

―Brian Dean // Founder, Backlinko.com
So, if you want your content to be published, do a keyword research and mention the keyword just below the title.

My suggesting will be using a long tail (i.e. three+ words keyword) related to your topic that has between 400 and 4000 monthly search volume.

Also, you should put the keyword in the title of your article and use it at lest once in the first paragraph.

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I started this blog back in 2011 with an aim of making inaccessible medical information more accessible to general people. I don't know how far I'm successful in doing so, but I always give my best to debunk complex medical or scientific data and shearing those in a clear, concise way with my words.

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