How to Find the Right Health Insurance for You

Choosing the right health insurance plan for you could be a big decision, if you are self-employed or running your own small business. It's not that our markets are having shortage in good insurance companies. There are thousands of insurance companies available in the market who offers exciting plans using diverse marketing strategies. But, out of those thousands of insurers, it becomes an incredibly tough task to find the best fit. Personally, I believe it’s a kind of finding the dream girl in Africa!

So how may you find the right health plan that will not just help you to save money but also allow you to get the coverage you need?

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Read on to learn about the basics of a health insurance. Find out: where you need to give your full attention, which options could be favorable, and how to select the best one.

Let’s Just Get Back to the Basics of a Health Insurance

I know you may already have ample understanding about a typical health insurance. But there are few things that I believe you need to revise again. So, let’s just get back to the basics to identify the fundamental terms and conditions of a health insurance.

What is a Health Insurance?

Health insurance is usually an agreement or a somewhat well documented contract between you and the insurer. Within this contract, the insurer will be circumscribed to share a portion of your medical expenses when you get injured or sick and admitted in a hospital or clinic. However, the certain amount the insurance company will pay on your behalf depends on several factors including the insurance policy, coverage, and financial plan.

Insurance Policy, also called as the contract, is the legal agreement that determines the amount, which the insurer is legally bounded to pay under what circumstances.

Premiums are the agreed amount in the contract that you need to pay on a monthly basis to get the coverage of your health plan.

Deductible (a very familiar term related to insurance) is the certain amount that you need to pay the insurer to uncover the coverage of the health plan.

Co-payment, also known as copay, is another important term related to health insurance. Usually, a co-payment is a specific amount agreed within the contract that you would need to pay for medical services you receive before you reach your deductible.

Coinsurance is the certain percentage of the health care provider’s charge (usually 20% of the provider’s bill) that you would need to pay after you reach your deductible. Under the coinsurance plan, you would need to pay the agreed percentage until you reach the out-of-pocket maximum. However, you need to know that people often confuse coinsurance with co-payment due to similarity, but they are totally two different terms with two different meaning.

Out-of-pocket expenses are non-reimbursable expenses that you would pay for medical services beyond your monthly insurance premiums. In simple words, if the required health care services are out of your health plan’s coverage, you need to pay for the expenses and in terms of policy, these expenses are literally known as out-of-pocket expenses. Coinsurance, co-payment, and annual deductible for the insurance coverage may also consider as out-of-pocket expenses until your health plan benefits uncover 100% coverage.

An out-of-pocket maximum is the certain amount agreed in the insurance contract that must be expensed out of your pocket, usually up to an annual or lifetime maximum, before you unlock 100% of the health plan’s benefit.

Lifetime maximum is the maximum amount the insurer will pay on your behalf during the life of the policy. However, you need to know that the definition of lifetime maximum may vary depending on the health plan you choose. Some health plan may define lifetime maximum as the maximum amount the insurer will pay during your lifetime.

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