What are the Causes of Asthma?

The chronic inflammatory disease of our airways is commonly known as Asthma. Although, the exact causes of Asthma are still unknown, but evidences can support that many factors are playing a part. However, a recent study done by Dr. Richard Locksley and his team suspected that asthma might be caused a compound named ‘Chitin’ (pronounced KI-tin), a common compound found in most of the highly allergenic organisms. Yet, the team is still researching on the compound to find out the root causes of asthma.

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Factors and Possible Causes of Asthma

Genetic Factor

Many scientists believe that patient who has a parental history of asthma or other allergic conditions is more likely to inherit the disease. This inherited tendency to grow allergic conditions is known as atopic conditions. Patients with a family history of atopic conditions or asthma are more reactive to allergens as compared to normal persons. You need to know that almost all asthmatics develop allergic conditions, and these conditions often lead an asthmatic to develop airway inflammation (a major cause that triggers an asthma attack).

Environmental Factor

Our household environment plays an important role for developing asthma or asthma symptoms. Indoor pollutants like molds, cigarette smoke, noxious fumes, house dust mite and gas from stove can trigger an asthma attack.
Changes in weather are also a key environmental factor for arising asthma attacks and conditions. A sudden fall of temperature, cold air and windy cold air can lead to bronchial constriction, respiratory congestion and reduced mucociliary clearance. On the other hand, a sudden rise in temperature, hot and humid condition can also trigger asthma attacks.

Although, there are no exact causes of asthma, but several triggers like Infections, allergens and airborne irritants can stimulate an asthma attack.

Infections: Chronic infections, caused by cold and flu viruses, in our respiratory system (mainly, upper respiratory tract infections) are thought to be a vital factor for developing asthma or asthma condition.

Allergens: Molds, pollen, dust mites, cockroaches and animal dander (as an example, fur from cat or dog) can stimulate an asthma attack.

Airborne irritants: Exposure to atmospheric pollution, perfume, cigarette or wood smoke and chemical fumes can also trigger asthma conditions.

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