Are Herbal Medicines Safe for Health?

Many people have a belief that that herbal medicines are safe for health, and they've no side effects. But, is it true? Well, after researching on some herbs, I just found that the real fact is something else. Although, in many cases, it seems that herbs are beneficial for health, but most of these cases don't ensure the safety and effectiveness of herbs. Accordingly, in this article, I want to discuss some actual facts about herbal medicines.

What is herbal Medicine?

Herbal or botanical medicine is a type of medicinal practice that is based on the exercise of herbs and herb extracts. This medicinal practice is the oldest but most widely used in all cultures and societies. In addition, herbal medicine is also known as “traditional medicine”, “botanical medicine”, “phyto medicine” and “natural medicine”.

Why People Have Misperceptions About Herbal Medicines?

In fact, after reviewing several forums on this medical practice, I found that there are several interesting reasons for having misperception.
Firstly, many still people believe that herbs are safe for heath and if a remedy came from herbs or herb extracts, it must be harmless and safe.
Secondly, most of the manufacturer of these medicines advertises their products as natural substances and they also advertise that herbal possess no side effects.
Thirdly, in many countries, most of these medicines are available as OTC (over the counter) product, and there are no strict guidelines for the preparation and administration of these products.
Finally, the safety and effectiveness of these medicinal products are not ensured to common people.

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Why Use of Herbal Medicine Could Be Harmful to You?

If you are thinking of taking herbal medicines, it is necessary for you to know that these products can cause risky and serious side effects to the user's body. According to a published article of World Health Organization (WHO), herbal side effects are often caused if:
  • the herbal remedy is administered inappropriately
  • administered in combination with other medicines
  • the therapy or product lacks desired quality.
In addition, according to several studies, many of these medicinal products can cause dangerous drug-drug interactions with modern allopathic medicines as well as with other herbal remedies. Further, these herb-drug interactions could alter the efficacy and bioavailability of the prescribed medications.
Moreover, you need to know that, with only a few exceptions, most of these medicines are not experimented for safety and effectiveness through clinical trials or studies. As a result, many researchers said that herbal medicines could cause serious side effects. In addition, according to the scientific and medical community, these medicines may danger the life or well-being of the consumer when administered instead of allopathic medicines.
In conclusion, you need to know that WHO recommends consulting with physicians before taking herbal remedies. Because, you need to make sure that the medicine or herb you are taking into consideration is safe for use, or will not cause any side effects and safe to use in combination with other allopathic drugs.

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