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What to Expect from Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a way of life for millions of cancer patients worldwide. Though it is not necessarily a cure for cancer, it is a standard treatment offered to cancer patients, which involves cancerous cells being attacked and killed. Chemotherapy is used along with surgery or radiation therapy depending on the type of cancer and its location. It is available in various dosage forms, including tablet, capsule, and injection. What is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy, also called cytotoxic therapy, is systemic drug treatment, which can reach cancer cells that may have spread throughout the body. In the past, any treatment offered to treat cancer was labeled as a chemotherapy. However, as alternative treatments have come to the surface, the chemotherapy concept has changed. In today's world, when people refer to chemotherapy they generally recognize it as a treatment, which aims to kill cancerous cells. With the advances in modern medicine, today a variety of chemotheraputic agents ha