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Exposure Risk: Is Mercury in Dental Amalgam Actually Safe?

About This Article First of all, I need to apologize for writing this article, because I'm not a dentist! But I've a good reason behind writing this! A few days back, I had an appointment with my dentist, and after examining my wisdom teeth, he suggested amalgam fillings. Curiously, I later googled about dental amalgam and found many controversial comments about its safety. So, I decided to dig dipper! After researching in Pubmed about its side effects, I found that some very vital information are missing in the Wikipedia and other trusted sources. So, I finally took the decision to write up an article. In normal conditions, when patients are told about a treatment option, the first thing they ask is whether it is safe. In the same way, if your dentist is suggesting a dental amalgam, you are probably wondering if it is safe or not. Accordingly, this article is written to answer this question, and other concerns that you might have about amalgam fillings. What is Dental Ama