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An Overview of the Stem Cell Therapy

Do you know how stem cell therapy (SCT) is different from conventional therapies? If you don't, then let me ask you another question: "Can you tell how conventional treatments help treat a disease or condition?" Well, if you really don't have any understanding over how conservative treatments work, I believe the answer could be shocking for you. The truth is almost all chronic conditions have no cure. Except antibiotics, hormonal drugs, and chemotherapeutic agents, most standard pharmacological treatments just focus on alleviating symptoms associated with the condition and improving overall health-related quality of life, so that the immune system can do the rest. However, this is where SCT is different from other therapies. What is Stem Cell Therapy, and How Does It Work? SCT, also called regenerative medicine, uses stem cells, unspecialized biological cells that can develop into different cell types, or their derivatives to restore injured or dysfunctional tis

Is an Aspirin a Day Beneficial for Heart Attacks?

A heart attack does not start and end within minutes. It is rather an ongoing event in which a segment of your heart muscle starts to die because of the loss of blood supply. The damage to your heart and body may be minimized by taking proper steps as soon as the warning signs appear. An aspirin a day can help prevent heart attack and stroke. But during a heart attack, don't start aspirin on your own. Calling 911 for help is the first thing you should immediately do. If the 911 operator recommends taking an aspirin, then you can take it. How Does a Heart Attack Occur? A heart attack generally occurs when the oxygen-rich blood from arteries or vessels is blocked to flow through the heart muscle. Most heart attacks happen due to a pre-existing coronary heart disease. A heart disease doesn't develop in a day. It actually develops overtime with the narrowing of blood vessels of the heart. This process of narrowing is caused by a buildup of plaque ― cholesterol, fat, white blo

Fitness Basics: 8 Basics to Reach Your Goals

Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. It's not only great for you, but it makes you feel good and can improve your mood. The added benefits that you will see soon after starting is a great way to help keep you motivated for a new lifestyle. Everyone should find time for fitness in their schedule, whether they're a fitness-pro or a beginner! For those who want to get started with a fitness routine, here are some of the basics. Read on for some fast facts, tricks and tips to start exercising and stick with it! Let the health benefits be a motivating factor. First and foremost, exercise is good for you! It keeps weight under control, reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases – heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes to name a few – reduces stress, improves sleep patterns and increases life span. Know that every time you exercise, you’re doing something truly good for your body. You don't need a lot of exercise to see a change. If you don'