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Maintaining Better Joint Health – Insightful Tips for Active Haemophiliacs

It’s just as important for haemophiliacs to lead active lifestyles as it is for those unaffected by the disease. There are a number of physical activities that haemophiliacs should avoid, but that doesn't mean that they can’t engage in physical activities and sports. They can participate in physical activities recommended by their physicians or doctors ― though with adequate caution. Diet – Eat Well for Better Joint Health There is a definite connection between food and joint health. Haemophiliacs who exercise regularly, therefore, have an even greater need for a good diet, one that includes plenty of 'joint friendly' foods . "We now know that certain foods can actually help ease and promote joint comfort," says Dr Theodosakis, M.D , a well-known joint health expert. The most well-known of these foods are those high in omega-3s such as salmon, sardines, green vegetables, nuts and whole grains such as wholemeal bread and pasta. However, these are not all. Many