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10 Steps to Improve Your Own Psychic Abilities

Everyone intuitively understands that psychic abilities can be nurtured and developed by all of us. Bay Area psychics, and probably psychics working anywhere else, are frequently contacted for advice on coaching, training and further developing all kinds of people interested in improving psychic abilities and skills. This is part of the art and the tradition of participating in all matters – be they seemingly esoteric – or simply a part of being human. Engagement with the public and with the communities we serve is all part of being a psychic. With all that said, let's jump right in and get you on your way to training, enhancing and developing the psychic abilities you were born with. Take care of yourself and watch your diet. Everything takes energy and developing your psychic abilities might take more! Eat lots of fruits rich in potassium. Diet, exercise, and physical conditioning are the first steps towards enhancing your mental conditioning. Being comfortable and happy in