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Facts about Raw Food Diet - Advantages and Disadvantages

In these days of unhealthy or junk foods, many people believe a diet with raw foods is an ultimate path to healthier lifestyle. They also believe a raw food diet can help decrease the risk of many diseases and lead a bulky dieter to a leaner figure with full of energy and smoother skin. However, the scientific studies suggest that in some points, the raw food devotees are right about this diet, but long-term continuation could be a path to serious nutritional deficiencies. So, here are a few questions that may spark your brain: Is a raw food diet healthy for your body? Are those beneficial facts that you read about raw diet true? Are nutritional deficiencies a consequence of continuing raw diet? What are the actual advantages of continuing a raw diet? What are the disadvantages of continuing a raw food diet? Read on to find out the answers based on the scientific study outcomes. What is a Raw Food Diet? Source: SweetOnVeg, CC-BY-2.0, via Flickr Raw food diet is a diet that

How to Strengthen Your Body to Prevent Injuries

Twisting an ankle, pulling a muscle, or falling over can all seem like niggling problems at first, but over time they can develop into more serious problems and prevent you from performing your workout routine. Likewise 'stress' injuries such as stress fractures and problems like shin splints and runners' knee can also end up developing into chronic issues that never go away. In many cases, it's not the 'big' injuries that take us out of the game, but rather the smaller problems and the general wear and tear that take their toll on our body over time. The good news is that there are many ways you can avoid these kinds of injuries. By using the right exercises and habits, it's possible to make your body more resilient to regular stress. Here we will look at how to do just that. Stretching -- The Art of Flexiblity Stretching regularly helps you to increase your flexibility over time. This can make you less likely to pull a muscle or overextend. This i