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Five Steps to Proper Foot Care

Not many people realize how easy it is to come into contact with toenail fungus. You could easily get this from someone else if you have shared shoes or even walked barefoot where an affected person has walked. To keep your feet out of reach of fun…

7 Amazing Herbal Remedies for Motion Sickness

Everyone hates motion sickness. Most of the times, it comes unexpectedly and stays for a while. It can even come when you take a short trip by a car or boat. So it's wiser to take precautionary steps for the unexpected symptoms like nausea, dizz…

Climbing the Pain Ladder: Understanding Pain Medications

Managing chronic pain can be a confusing proposition for patient and physician alike. Because many medications are now available to treat chronic pain, it is usually a bewildering prospect for them to find out the most beneficial one. Some patients …