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What are the Functions of Neurons?

Neurons are the structural and functional unit of our nervous system. They are the essential part of the communication system in our brain. Neurons perform all the tasks (sending, receiving and processing) to maintain the communicative action in the nervous system. In fact, our nervous system is s…

Structure of Neurons: Basics You Need to Know

Basic Component of a Neuron The size and shape of a typical neuron is distinctly different than any other cell in the human body. The diameter of a neuron is between 5 and 150 ┬Ám. Like most of the cells in the body, neurons also consist of a cell body. The cell body is the core component of a nerv…

What are Neurons?

The human body is made up of around 30 trillion cells, with over 200 different cell types. Each type of cells have their own structure and function. Of these, some perform distinctly specialized tasks in the body system. In the nervous system , cells specialized in receiving, transmitting and proces…