How Asthma Affects the Body?

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a reversible airway disease, suggestive to cause by a number of genetic and environmental factors. It can be defined as the common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that creates shortness of breath and results in breathing difficulties for an asthmatic. The two major factors that causes tightening and swelling of the bronchial passages are:

1. Constriction - the contraction of the nasal muscles adjacent to the airways, and
2. Inflammation - the tenderness or redness, irritation and swelling of the bronchial pathways.

During an Asthma attack, breathing becomes more difficult for an asthmatic. This can sometimes lead to hospitalization; in extreme cases, death may occur.

>picture of asthma attacks

How Asthma Affects the Body System?

Normally, during respiration, the inner lining of our air tubes (airways) stays very thin, and the muscles surrounding these air tubes persist in relaxed and free mood. This helps the airways to open up widely and thus results in stress-free inhalation and exhalation from our body. However, when Asthma attacks, the respiration process does not perform in a normal way. The inner lining of the air tubes thickens due to inflammation, and the muscles surrounding these bronchial tubes tighten for constriction. This leads to the production of excessive sticky mucus and clogging in the bronchial passageways. As a result, when an asthmatic breath, the airways open up narrowly than usual and less air passes through the airways, which eventually results in stressful respiration process.

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