Common Machineries Used in Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing

If you aspire to a career as a pharmacist, you may be interested in learning about the common machineries that are frequently used in major Pharmaceuticals.

Pharma Machines and Equipments vary from company to company; in most of the cases, they vary both in origin and design. Leaders in the pharma industry usually use highly advanced and sophisticated machinaries to improve their productivity and maintain strict quality requirements.

Below is a list of common machineries used in a typical tablet section:

Mass mixer machine

picture of mass mixer from inside
Mass Mixer (From Inside)

Picture of mass mixer machine
Mass Mixer

Oscillating granulator

picture of Oscillating Granulator
Oscillating Granulator

picture of oscillating granulator
High quality YK Model Swing granulator

Rapid mixer granulator or high speed mixer granulator

Picture of Rapid Mixer Granulator
Rapid Mixer Granulator (From Author's Own Album)

Multi mill machine

Multi Mill
Typical Multi Mill

Multi Mill (Close View)
Multi Mill (Close View)

Double cone blender

Double cone blender
Double Cone Blender (From Author's Own Album)

Schematic Diagram of Double Cone Blender
Schematic Diagram of Double Cone Blender

Drum mixer

Drum Mixer
Drum Mixer (Front View)

Drum Mixer (Back View)
Drum Mixer (Back View)

Fluid bed dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer
Fluid Bed Dryer (From Author's Own Album)

Tray dryer

Vacuum Tray Dryer
Vacuum Tray Dryer

Typical Tray Dryer
Typical Tray Dryer

Mechanical shifter

mechanical sifter
Mechanical Shifter

mechanical sifter type 2
Another Model of Mechanical Shifter

Tablet compression machine

Tablet compression machine
Tablet Compression Machine (From Author's Own Album)

Tablet Compressor
Tablet Compression Machine (Close View)

Fully Automatic Tablet Compression Machine
Automatic Tablet Compression Machine

Film coating machine

high efficiency film coating machine
High Efficiency Film Coating Machine

Film Coating Machine (Close View)
Film Coating Machine (Close View)

Film Coating Machine
Typical Film Coating Machine

Blister packing machine

Blister packing machine
Blister Packing Machine (From Author's Own Album)

Blister packing machine type 2
Small Blister Packing Machine

High Speed Blister Packaging Machine
High Speed Blister Packaging Machine

Strip packing machine

strip packing machine
High Speed Strip Packaging Machine

picture of Automatic Strip Packaging Machine
Automatic Strip Packaging Machine

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