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Seven Surprising Benefits of Exercise in Young People

When adults exercise, their routine is generally regimented . They work out in the gym with various equipment. Younger people on the other hand have a different take on exercise. For them it means being physically active through playing. They can play tag, ride bikes, play soccer, and join a dance or gym class. When encouraged to be active and enjoy the outdoors, children build endurance, flexibility and strength. Parents are now told to monitor the body mass index or height to weight ratio of their children because of the growing threat of childhood obesity among children ages 6 to 19. Physical activity will help children lose weight or from becoming obese, as well as start them with healthy habits. Doctors and fitness experts have touted the many benefits that exercising gives to younger people. Here are some of them. 1. Keep weight down Walking 4 miles each day for 4x a week will burn 1,600 calories or 1/2 pound each week. Without a diet change, walking the same distance for 6 m