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Freckles: Why They Occur and Ways of Concealing Them


What are Freckles?

Freckles are benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions, the old standard type of hyperpigmentation, that many people think cannot be helped.

Genetic predisposition is often a reason behind freckle formation, but these skin spots can occur naturally or develop because of overexposure to sun. It is often assumed that there’s no stopping these brown or red spots from forming.

However, as freckles are essentially just small regions of heavier pigmentation - much likes other types of hyperpigmentation - they can easily be removed or reduced using the right techniques. Remember, the triggers for the freckles may be different. For one person it may be sun exposure, for another person it might be purely genetic.

Whatever the underlying cause is, many of these brown spots share something in common with other forms of hyperpigmentation- they all are deposits of the body’s melanin. As a result, it doesn’t matter whether you are coping with freckles or liver spots; you will find easy treatment options that you can use to get rid of these brown spots.

Why Do Freckles Form?

As mentioned earlier, freckles maybe the darkening of an area of skin. However, why is it that these regions of skin become noticeably darker to begin with? Well, it is all about the way the body uses melanin.

We all have melanin coursing through our systems. However, when an injury occurs (or possibly a health problem, like vitiligo) the body adds or removes melanin from the affected area.

Let’s say that you've had a serious acne outbreak. After some time when the pimples are cleared, you notice some lingering brown spots where the acne had once been. You've these dark spots since your body added extra melanin to the area that was once impacted by acne. In cases of vitiligo, the opposite can happen. Melanin is actually moved from certain areas of skin.

There are lots of complex things that go on behind the scenes, but for now it's enough to know that injuries, outbreaks or any other health conditions can cause an excessive amount of melanin to deposit in a particular area of skin. All sorts of freckles are indicative of hyperpigmentation.

Some Home Remedies and Treatment Options to Deal with Freckles

The Oatmeal Mask

If you are like millions of people, I believe you eat oatmeal at least one time a week for breakfast. It’s healthy for you and very affordable. However, you can make some more use of these standard oats by using them as skin mask. It is super easy to do, and is highly effective at reducing the appearance of freckles on your skin.

Milk and Honey

Milk and honey have been renowned for their nutritional and curative properties for centuries. One of the greatest uses for a milk/honey combination is reducing the appearance of freckles and other kind of pigmentation on the skin.

E vitamin

If you pay attention to what health gurus and nutritional experts say, you most likely know that Vitamin E is recognized for being a great nutrient for overall skin health. If you buy the soft gel E vitamin tablets, you can puncture them and massage the E vitamin directly into your skin. In the event that sounds like too much of an inconvenience, most supermarkets and nutrition stores also sell E vitamin oil that you can use.

Baking Soda

Mix one part of baking soda to two parts purified water. Use the mixture on your brown spots. Leave the paste on your face for 10-20 minutes. Rinse the paste off the face with plenty of warm water. Do that every day for a month, and you will see your freckles disappearing in no time.

Creams and Lotions

The market is currently flooded with a large number of creams, lotions along with other home bleaching products. These items are all designed to remove brown spots from your skin. These products are made out of healthy ingredients that are safe for use. Some of these products are especially designed to be used as makeup. This makeup will help conceal any freckles.

Laser treatments

facial laser rejuvenation
Image courtesy of Cosmos Clinic
Laser treatments are the skin lightening treatments used by some high-end salons and doctors to get rid of the signs of freckles and other pigmentation. Laser treatments are used in cases of chronic pigmentation and have long-term effects.

Professional Skin Bleaching

Some salons and dermatologists offer bleaching treatments. After doing plenty of research on these treatments, I have found these to be very mild and easy on the skin. The experts that do these treatments know just what is required for your skin.

Although some people don’t mind their freckles, others are extremely bothered and require professional help in order to decrease their visibility. Should this be your case, remember to speak to your doctor first. This way you will be able to make sure that your skin pigmentation is not an indication of a more serious, underlying condition. Knowing what you’re up against, you will have the ability to formulate the right strategy to deal with your skin issues.

A Guest Post by Lana Wilde
Author Bio: Lana Wilde is a passionate animal lover with a keen interest in healthy living. In her free time, she prepares vegetarian food for her family and occasionally blogs about the topics that she takes interest in. This article was inspired by Cosmos Clinic.

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