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Five Steps to Proper Foot Care

proper foot care Not many people realize how easy it is to come into contact with toenail fungus. You could easily get this from someone else if you have shared shoes or even walked barefoot where an affected person has walked. To keep your feet out of reach of fungal infections, it is important to properly take care of your feet.

In addition, you need to know that foot problems are sometimes the first sign of more serious medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, and nerve or circulatory disorders. The American Diabetes Association estimates that in the United States, one in five people with diabetes who seek medical care do so for foot problems. However, you can simply prevent many serious health problems by taking proper care of your feet.

Washing your feet is a must

Be kind to your feet, as they are two of the most abused and often used parts of your body. Washing your feet properly will reduce your chances of getting toenail fungus and will help you keep your feet feeling fresh. You should wash your feet thoroughly every time you are in the shower. Also, if you feel you have ever come in contact with someone who may have had a foot fungus, you should wash your feet right away. A little trick people use is when they wash their feet; they use epsom salts in the bath water or even in a foot spa. The epsom salt will help fight any pathogen lurking around. This is because pathogens can't live in an environment that has salt.

Avoid pedicures

Many people think that when they go to a salon to get a pedicure, that the salon's supplies are sanitized. The salon may claim they provide proper foot care. However, you are still taking the chance of microorganisms getting onto your feet. It's essential that if you really want a pedicure, you can either do it yourself, or make sure the salon will use your tools. If the salon refuses to use your tools, you should refrain from that particular place and find a salon that accepts your tools.

Avoiding gym lockers with bare-feet

Think twice before you go walking around a gym locker room floor without any socks and shoes. Because, these floors are filled with so many bacteria, funguses and other microorganisms and they could easily pass onto your feet. You may also get athlete's foot disease, if you walk on these floors with your bare-feet. Athlete's foot is very common, so you will want to do everything in your power to ensure you will not get this type of fungus.

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Living with someone who has a foot fungus

If someone in your household recently has foot fungus, you may be freaking out thinking you will be doomed to get this fungus now. However, if you know the steps of proper foot care and apply them on a regular basis, you could keep yourself out of reach of these funguses. What you should do is use your own blanket, sheets, and towels for the time being. Also, make sure you are not walking around barefoot and they aren't either. Make sure they are doing something to get rid of this fungus. Every Time you take a bath or if you have a foot spa, make sure you apply some lemon or epsom salt to the water, it will work wonders to fight off the potential fungus if you have it on your feet.

How may you get rid of toenail fungus?

If you have toenail fungus, you may feel destined to have this fungus forever as it may seem like it will never go away. Many people have trouble getting rid of this fungus and keeping it away. However, there are many products available in market to proper foot care. You can buy these products over-the-counter. Also, you can just use natural remedies such as previously mentions, lemon and epsom salt.

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