Open Letter: A Confession with You

open letter iconDear Guest,

It's an honor to have you here. I know many of you already visited this blog, but I think I need to reintroduce it and myself with you. My name is Imtiaz Ibne Alam, and I'm the guy who is behind this medical blog. Learn more about me »

I founded back in 2011 with a simple objective to create an informational, educational blog. But as time passed, it just converted into a magazine type blog, not a blog written from my personal opinion or experience.

I believe that's because of the topic I chose to write on, though sometimes it feels like I've filled this blog with rubbish contents. However, that is not the reason for my confession here.

Over the last three years, I've written and published posts mainly related to health or medical niches, including some general question & answer type posts (for example, visit my Anatomy or Disease & Condition Page). But there are some exceptions too. I couldn't limit my niches neighboring to only medical, health care, or heath. So, please don't get upset. Definitely, you'll find some posts that aren't relating to my key niches.

I know you may ask why I -- being a pharmacist -- am writing general posts on nonprofessional topics. Well, that's because I want to cover a wide range of lifestyle and wellness issues as well. So, I hope you would appreciate those posts of mine that aren't strictly focusing in medical/health niches.

I also need to mention that some of my posts, which I've published at the startup of this blog, aren't well researched, proofread, and written. I hope you would forgive me for those poorly written posts.

It's not that I'm not trying to update those contents, but the problem I'm still encountering is time management. Hope you would understand.

Open Letter

Here are some posts that might stumble you:

Kind Regards,

Imtiaz Ibne Alam

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I started this blog back in 2011 with an aim of making inaccessible medical information more accessible to general people. I don't know how far I'm successful in doing so, but I always give my best to debunk complex medical or scientific data and shearing those in a clear, concise way with my words.

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