10 Steps to Run an Effective Medical Fundraising Campaign

Effective Medical Fundraising Steps

Medical fundraising is the same as other fundraising campaigns – only the objective is to benefit all, and not just a specific group. Here are 10 effective ways to building a medical campaign that funds your needs.

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1. Create Sympathetic Awareness

Whether you’re raising funds for cancer research, or to build a new wing to a children’s hospital, your campaign must generate a great deal of sympathy for your cause. Through Ads, banners, social media inserts, blogs and other media, make sure people see pictures of the patients who will benefit.

2. Know Your Donor Base

What draws donors to your program? Where do their sympathies lie? Which demographic is more likely to support your cause? Collect these statistics by studying the responses you get. Then target these groups specifically to get more mileage for your campaign.

3. Be Specific

List exactly what kind of equipment you want for your research, along with costs. If it’s a hospital building you’re constructing, share plans with details of wings, number of beds, what kind of treatment rooms are planned and so on. The more details you share, the more support you’ll get.

4. Determine Goals

Meet up with your hospital or research board and determine both long and short term goals. Then plan your fundraising campaign, setting all expectations beforehand. Stagger your goals – you may not be able to achieve them all in one single campaign.

5. Identify Key Players

Identify who’ll present the public face, and who’ll manage the backend and daily campaign tasks. Assign roles and responsibilities early on so that everyone’s in synch. Identify people for media handling, mailing, social media updates, planning committee, and volunteer rallying and so on.

6. Create A Blog

Write articles on how you’ll use the funds to benefit the public. Refer to the medical benefits that other campaigns have brought to society. Summarize technical details in a reader-friendly format; people need to know that you know what you’re talking about.

7. Stick To The Same Messaging

The general public may not understand a great deal of medical jargon. It’s important therefore, to stick to clear messaging, and ensuring that everyone on your team speaks on the same terms. It won’t do for one person to talk about X while another talks about Y.

8. Brainstorm Ideas

Ask everyone on your team to come up with ideas. Consider everything from silent auctions, merchandizing campaigns, and benefit concerts, videos, television Ads, print Ads, online banner Ads and so on. Always check each idea for feasibility, expense and possible outcomes.

9. Look For Endorsements

A celebrity endorsement can give your campaign a great deal of mileage. Look at Angelina Jolie standing for cancer research and Bono standing for AIDS research. Talk to celebrities who have personally experienced medical tragedies, and seek endorsement.

10. See What Other Organizations Are Doing

If other hospitals or medical charities are raising funds at the same time in your area, make sure the dates don’t clash. For example, if organization X is holding a marathon race to save children, choose another day to hold your event. In this way, you’ll get sole media attention.

Author Bio: works for Causewish.com, a medical fundraising website that helps you to easily raise money for your medical expenses.

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