FDA Warned Five Lasik Providers for Misleading Advertising and Promotions

Last month (December 18, 2012), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a new press release, warning five LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomieusis) providers to discontinue the misleading advertising and promotion.

According to FDA warning, the agency found that the following five provides were not providing sufficient information about the associated risks of Lasik surgery in their promotional tools and advertisements.

FDA Warned Five Lasik Providers

Furthermore, the agency reported that the above five providers were also lacking proper information about adverse events and warnings. According to the press release, the agency also warned these eye care providers about legal proceedings. The FDA might take legal actions like injunction, seizure and civil money penalties, if these providers do not make required changes in their advertisement and promotions.

You need to know that:

Lasik surgery can provide some serious effects to your eyes including dry eye syndrome, temporary loss of vision and symptoms of debilitating visual like starbursts, double vision, glare and halo.
Lasik surgery is irreversible and the outcome of this surgery may not always achieve the optimum results.
The agency also recommends that patients who want take the Lasik surgery must consult with a proficient eye care specialist about their expectations, associated risks and possible side effects of the surgery.

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